Top Reasons Why These Countries Are The Happiest

Being happy is a beautiful feeling, even if it means smiling through adversities and taking on challenges life throws at you. Amidst stress and sorrow that prevail all over the world, there are some nations that take everything in a lighter vein – no doubt they are counted among the happiest on the planet. Here are some of the happiest countries in the world as per 2016 World Happiness Report and why.
Australia is the sixth largest country with a population of 24,309,330. People out there are friendly and successful. They get ample sunshine all year round and they can feel sand between their toes whenever they feel like it, thanks to lovely sun-kissed beaches. Living in a country that has clean environment, low crime rate and strong economy backed by robust banking system, who would not be happy enough? Talking about metropolitan cities, they have splendid infrastructure and well-connected roads. Needless to mention, chauffeur services in Melbourne are world famous for their diligence and dedication towards customers’ comfort, which make Melbourne airport transfers and local travels a breeze.
Danes (citizens of Denmark) are easygoing as much as they are hardworking. They set a perfect example of life well lived. Denmark holds its head high among top ten GDPs around the world with an astonishing figure of $61,000 per year. People out there give more importance to social life than materialistic things such as money, property or any kind of asset. It seems they take ‘Money is the root of all evils’ quite seriously. It’s good for them as long as their beliefs are making them stand somewhere ahead of many nations that still live in despair.
Canada is a land of cheerful souls and home to people from different walks of life. The reason behind national harmony, fraternity and, eventually, happiness lie in some statistics that were gathered during a global survey. High average incomes, strong social ties and long life expectancy are some attributes that lead to improved physical and mental health as well as low stress levels among the Canadians. The climate of Canada never fails to impress natives and immigrants alike. No matter from which part of the world you are, you’ll likely fall in love with the cold, pleasant Canadian weather. .
Have you ever seen a sad person with Swiss chocolate in one hand and Swiss watch on the other? Neither have I. Switzerland is one of the happiest countries you can find on the world map. They have never participated in any war, and that explains it all. People out there are quite rich, even if they work for like 35 hours a week. The scenic beauty of mountains, snow, meadows and clouds is a constant reminder that you’re in Switzerland and you have no reason to be sad.
Although the list of the happiest countries doesn’t end here, but due to some obvious constraints, it’s not possible to mention all of them here. For your reference, here are some other countries that are the happiest as per 2016 survey: Norway, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland and Iceland to name a few. If you ever get a chance to visit any of these countries, don’t hold back for any reason in the world.